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For over 40 years we have been responsible for the realization of bespoke furniture of all kinds: studied, designed and built by our Italian designers and artisans in continuous updating.

Thanks to our experience and organization we are able to meet the needs of the most varied customers, in terms of product type, refrigeration systems, equipment for large kitchens and special machines, home and office furniture.

The excellence and skills acquired make us a reference company for the production of Food and Non Food equipment: Pharmacies, Hotels, Banks, Offices, Conference Rooms, Museums, Exhibitions and Homes.

Sites created by people for people. Every need and solution are designed in a personalized way, always taking into account the human factor:personal tastes, comfort of spaces and supplies.

Business premises are carefully designed to be attractive to your customers and users of your services.

Tre strumenti da lavoro del falegname posati sul tavolo da lavoro



Giovanni Nano, together with his wife Alba Bianco, founded the OR.VE.C.A. s.n.c. in Alba – in one of the main streets of the city: C.so Langhe. The company takes its first steps and begins its first collaborations with large companies and historic businesses in the area.

In the early 1980s, Fabrizio and Mauro – Alba and Giovanni’s sons – joined the family company.


The carpentry and the painting workshop is opened in Via ZaraAlba – for the creation of custom-made furniture.


The company grows and the commercial and production site is moved to the current headquarter in the industrial area.


The OR.VE.C.A. s.n.c. goes a step further and becomes OR.VE.C.A. Contract s.r.l.